PI Family Continues to Grow: New RPA in Taiwan

New RPA in Taiwan

With the foundation of the new RPA (Regional PI Association) in Taiwan in December 2017, PI welcomed a new family member. This is proof that even after nearly 30 years there is still a high need for the technologies and services of PI. The Taiwan RPA foundation took place in a special ceremony on December 19, 2017, in Taipei. Already more than 30 members had joined the RPA Taiwan at the time of its foundation.

Within several working groups, the members of PI create standards. They disseminate these standards in different branches and ensure high quality by which subjects like investment protection, openness, stability, and reliability have the highest priority for the technologies supported by PI. The RPAs transfer knowledge to their members and offer them the possibility to exchange expertise. Members include users, manufacturers, system integrators, mechanical engineering companies, institutes, universities, OEMs, as well as traders and distributors.

The job of PI is to specify and spread the communication systems of PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and IO-Link. With the new RPA in Taiwan, PI established a 25th RPA that joined a worldwide operating network of collaborators, with more than 60 PI Competence Centers, more than 30 PI Training Centers and 10 PI Test Labs.