A Guide to PROFINET Development

Would you like to:

  • Take part in the success of PROFINET?
  • Equip your field devices with PROFINET interfaces?
  • Learn how easy it is to integrate PROFINET into your products?
  • Know who can support your PROFINET development project?

The Easy Way to PROFINET

PROFINET is the open, cross-vendor Industrial Ethernet standard for discrete and process automation. There are many choices of ways to add PROFINET to an automation device that it can seem daunting to know where to start. The starting point depends on the type of product, its existing design, quantity expected, and time to market needed. PI has been working on updating their PROFINET development guide, The Easy Way to PROFINET brochure.

The document focuses on the on the development and implementation of PROFINET products. It covers three main sections that guide device manufacturers through the process of making their own PROFINET device:

  1. Product Development Cycle
  2. Product Implementation Options
  3. Solution Providers

Brochure Versions

PNO/PI International

The Easy Way to PROFINET Brochure has been developed by PI as a comprehensive development guide. It contains the most current solution providers’ offerings and TSN integration considerations. Suppliers include:

AIT Solutions, Analog Devices, Deutschmann Automation, ESYSE, Embedded Systems Engineering, Hilscher, HMS, ifak, KUNBUS,  Molex, Phoenix Contact, Port, profichip, Renesas, Schildknecht, Siemens, Softing, and TMG TE are featuring their solution in the brochure.

The brochure is available in German and English languages.

Download the Easy Way to PROFINET brochure HERE

Special Edition: PI North America

PI North America has created their own version of the brochure to support local developers. Their solution provider section contains vendors present in the North American region. The list includes:

Analog Devices, Comtrol, Hilscher, HMS, Molex, Precision Systems, Phoenix Contact, Real Time Automation, Siemens, and Softing. Currently, the web version of the brochure is available: