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Image Flyer: PROFIBUS & PROFINET International

Our PI Image Flyer gives you an overview of what is behind PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI). Dive into the world of PI and learn about our technologies, Regional PI Associations (RPAs), Competence & Training Centers and Test Laboratories.

Be part of PI´s global network and influence the future of standards and technologies!
Whether manufacturer or user, membership at PI offers you a number of benefits. One of them: Shaping the Future with PI!

Marketing Flyer: PROFINET for Automation

PROFINET has become the leading industrial Ethernet standard in the market. This globally established and future-oriented technology is supported by many product vendors, thus ensuring long-term availability and investment protection. Real-Time and a parallel TCP/IP communication are the basic principles. Best-in-class diagnostics and flexible adaptation offer fast and simple solutions.

Marketing Flyer: PROFIdrive – Motion / Drives / Encoders

PROFIdrive has a comprehensive range of applications, scalable performance with cycle times as short as a few µs, and user-friendly, cost-effective implementation. This makes it the ideal solution for all drive tasks starting from application class 1 (AC1) (simple frequency converters) up to AC4 e.g. CNC/robotics.

PROFIdrive is supported by working groups of PI; it has been standardized in IEC 61800-7 and used successfully for 20 years. It forms a uniform, vendor-neutral and interoperable application interface for drives & encoders. With its different application classes, PROFIdrive provides seamless, scalable solutions for all drive technology applications.

Marketing Flyer: PROFIsafe – Safe, Integrated, Open

Safety has gained a constantly growing importance in the consciousness of the population worldwide. A comprehensive examination of application scenarios by numerous safety experts from well-known companies has created an open solution for PROFIBUS and PROFINET: the PROFIsafe technology. It is a software solution which enables it to cover the whole gamut of functional safety requirements of industries supplied by PROFIBUS and PROFINET. PROFIsafe enables manufacturers to achieve the highest safety standards without installing a separate dedicated safety bus; instead, safety signals are transmitted over the existing automation network.

PI White Paper: PROFINET – The Solution Platform for Process Automation

Industrial communication is one of the key technologies for modern automation. It serves the control and monitoring of machines and manufacturing and productions processes, the connection of insular solutions and the linking of neighbor areas such as logistics, quality assurance, and maintenance and to higher-level company systems. In the Industry 4.0, Industry of Things, and Big Data environment, industrial communication is of central importance. Easy-to-handle solutions with high-performance capability for real-time, availability, flexible topologies, and integration – even over great distances – are needed that also make use of the many possibilities of the digital world.

This white paper reports – oriented along the timeline of technological development – which functions and capabilities of PROFINET are currently meeting the demands of process automation and which can be implemented and then used in products in the future based on specifications that are complete or in progress.

PROFINET Technology and Application – System Description

With its integrated, Ethernet-based communication, PROFINET satisfies a wide range of requirements, from data-intensive parameter assignment to synchronous I/O signal transmission. Communication takes place over the same cable in all applications, ranging from simple control tasks to highly demanding motion control applications. TCP/IP-based communication in a PROFINET network, e.g., for diagnostics from the control room or via the Internet in remote maintenance scenarios, is always possible in parallel.

The PROFINET Technology and Application – System Description gives you a comprehensive overview of the PROFINET technology.

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