Developing a PROFINET Device: Easy and Future-Proof

Welcome to 2019! In the spirit of developing networks among colleagues and among automation devices, this month's issue focuses on PROFINET device development. Due to the rich community of solution providers and resources available to developers, adding a PROFINET interface to an automation device is both easy and future-proof.

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Survey for Developers

The PI community supports developers worldwide and it is looking to continuously improve its efforts. Please fill out this short survey about PROFINET development. Your feedback will help PI assist you and other developers with proper training, knowledge articles, vendor support, and much more...

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A Guide to PROFINET Development

Generally, development tends to be faster for new devices if the wheel isn’t reinvented each time. The Easy Way to PROFINET brochure offers an overview of the development process and provides a list of solution providers for PROFINET integration.

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Industry Foursight™

Concepts like TSN and OPC UA are making headlines and the race is on to leverage each in order to gain a sustainable competitive advantage for Industrie 4.0. There's no silver bullet, but PROFINET plays a key role. Learn more about the Industry Foursight™ initiative...

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New Documents Just for You

For training classes, marketing, sales, or just for your own knowledge - PI has published many new freely downloadable documents. Check them out!

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Roadmap for Adding PROFINET to Your Device

Planning a development roadmap for a PROFINET project is critical for a smooth process and on-time product release. There are a few basic steps that you should follow. This article will guide you through the process to develop a successful roadmap!

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