Regional News – January 2019


As a venue for the sixth PI Konferenz, the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) in Frankfurt / Main has been selected.

HOLM is an international platform for innovation, with a wide variety of dedicated spaces for networking and communication. So, in this location it makes sense our communications technologies (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, IO-Link, and their application profiles) will be discussed. The modern, sustainable and future-oriented architecture of the building is intended to encourage the active exchange of ideas, future strategies, and challenges face in the environment of the “Industrial Internet of Things”.

On 19 and 20 March, 2019, you can help shape the future with PI experts on essential topics, such as the integration of TSN and OPC UA into PROFINET, security measures, semantics, and the potential of IPv6 in PROFINET networks.

The keynote speaker will be Frank Schätzing, best-selling author of The Swarm, Limit, Breaking News, and The Tyranny of the Butterfly. What is artificial intelligence? How do autonomous machines learn? What can we expect from them? Can artificial intelligence reach even consciousness, develop feelings or own goals? Frank Schätzing will present his lecture From Butterflies and Tyrants – Views on a Future with Artificial Intelligence.

Take a chance in this atmosphere to network withbother participants, to discuss Industry 4.0, and to learn about upcoming innovations in PI technologies.

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Dr. Hassan Kaghazchi has received the ISA Ireland Automation Champion Award for 2018. We congratulate Dr. Kaghazchi on the achievement and also recognize him for his work over the years.

Dr. Kaghazchi is the RPA Chairman for PI’s operations in Ireland. He has been a University lecturer in Industrial Automation since 1986, and contributed significantly to curriculum development of Automation to Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Limerick undergraduate level. He is one of three ISA Certified Automation Professionals (CAP) in Ireland, and has been an active promoter of ISA certification courses to industry.

Dr. Kaghazchi set up the PI Competency Centre (PICC) in Ireland in 2003. PICC is a technical resource for industry and provides free Email and Phone support to industry. In this capacity he has been involved in the callout service industry to resolve industrial communication issues frequently faced by industry in Ireland.


The first round of PROFINET One-Day Training Class dates has been finalized by the RPA there, PI North America.

2019 Date [Calendar Week] Location
Jan 29 Seattle, WA
Feb 12 Silicon Valley, CA
Mar 13 Los Angeles, CA
Mar 26 Phoenix, AZ
Apr 11 Birmingham, AL
May 2 Atlanta, GA
May 14 Washington, DC
Jun 6 Columbus, OH
Jun 20 Chicago, IL
TBD Toronto, ON
[Wk 37] Detroit, MI
Sep 26 Minneapolis, MN
Oct 9 Greenville, SC
[Wk 43] New York, NY
[Wk 45] St. Louis, MO
[Wk 47] Raleigh, NC
[Wk 49] Dallas, TX

As dates are finalized, they will be posted on the PI North America website:
Details and Registration Here