PROFIBUS and PROFINET Workshops in India

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Workshop: PROFINET and PROFIBUS Failure Prediction and Maintenance

Over 1,700 member companies are part of the PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI) family. Utthunga, India’s first and only PROFINET Competence Centre, along with Indu-Sol GmbH conducted a two-day workshop on “PROFINET / PROFIBUS Failure Prediction and Maintenance” in Bengaluru, India. The program for the first day was targeted to end-users and the second day to system integrators and OEMs.

Highlights of the two-day workshop:

  • New technology and market updates from PI
  • Discussions on PROFINET as a leading industrial Ethernet standard
  • The latest news on PROFINET, OPC UA, PROFINET over TSN
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance overview with demonstrations

The highly technical power-packed sessions lead by German experts from Indu-Sol were followed by product demonstrations. The demonstrations focused on techniques for reducing network downtime and overcoming persisting network issues in plants using PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology. The workshop hosted over seventy participants from OEMs, system integrators, and the automotive, pharmaceutical, and cigarette industries.

Workshop: PROFIBUS and PROFINET Network Diagnostic Maintenance & OPC Connectivity 

After the successful event in Bengaluru, Utthunga decided to educate the industry and bring more awareness to other locations. Utthunga conducted a one-day workshop on “PROFINET / PROFIBUS Network Diagnostic Maintenance & OPC Connectivity” for OEMs and end-users in Pune, India.

The educational sessions were followed by product demonstrations on reducing network downtime and overcoming persistent network issues. The workshop also covered the role of OPC UA connectivity in PROFINET networks. The workshop hosted over forty-five participants from a variety of industries. Utthunga was pleased with all the positive feedback, and they are motivated to conduct similar events in the future.