New Products – March 2021 [1]

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Sensor Instrumentation for Fast and Smart Data Acquisition

Burster‘s new generation 9251 series fieldbus controller, available from Ixthus Instrumentation, supports – and together with the 9250 series universal instrumentation amplifiers make light work of sensor data acquisition. The PROFINET controller and instrumentation amplifier systems allow the versatility to mix the customer’s favored strain gauge, potentiometer, voltage, or TTL sensor technologies.

New Generation of PROFINET Encoders

Kübler presents its new generation of Industrial Ethernet encoders, which differ both technically and mechanically from existing fieldbus encoders. Thanks to the new technical platform, the new Sendix F58 PROFINET encoders can also be easily integrated via PROFIdrive (Encoder Class 4). The IP67 encoders support PROFINET IRT clock-synchronous cycle times of a SendCycle up to 31.25 μs with jitter < 1 μs.

Guided Container and Tray Identification Made Easy

Leuze is introducing the latest addition to its BCL series with the new stationary barcode reader BCL 200i. With the BCL 200i, Leuze is now expanding its BCL series with an additional stationary barcode reader. The new BCL 200i is a 1D barcode reader with integrated industrial interfaces and simple PROFINET configuration. The device can be configured directly via its GSDML file.

Design Package for Safe Stop functions with PROFIsafe

Functional safety related electrical drives are typically based on hardware/software in a 1-out-of-2-Architecture (1oo2) up to SIL3. The Safe Drive Monitor 1oo2 Core from MESCO contains safety related hardware designs, Safety software, and PROFISAFE communication wrapper. The modular design solution supports IEC61800-5-2. Safe drive functions STO, SS1 and can be extended to Advanced speed and position functions.

PROFINET Controller with Dual Ports

Mitsubishi‘s RJ71PN93 includes PROFINET support with two ports to help facilitate various network topologies. The integrated two ports can be daisy-chained for a line topology, or configured to function as a Media Redundancy Client in ring-topology networks. The module operates as an IO controller in the MELSEC iQ-R Series of PLCs and supports integration into control systems based on a PROFINET network. Link here [Japanese].

Device for Integrating the Management and Monitoring of a UPS

Riello UPS expands its connectivity solutions by adding a new accessory for the PROFINET market. The MultiCOM 421 is compatible with all UPS units equipped with communication slots and is an accessory that allows you to connect the UPS to a PROFINET network.

Add PROFIBUS PA to Your Existing Field Device

Softing’s commModule MBP is a surface mountable circuit board that communicates with your device’s existing Modbus or HART Interface to extend your device’s communications capability to PROFIBUS PA or other IEC 61158 protocols. The board integrates with the field device application without software coding work. You basically use commScripter (a software tool) to define the Modbus or HART mapping for your process values and load the mapping definition onto the commModule – Done!

Small Servo Drive System with PROFINET

The second generation of WITTENSTEIN cyber motor’s small servo drive system convinces as a complete package in several key areas like connectivity, configurability, and compactness. A motor-integrated version of these drives can now also be realized as a new configuration variant. The option of integrating multiturn encoders, holding brakes and planetary gearboxes further expands the functionality of the servo motors. These drives are offered with a PROFINET RT/IRT interface and support PROFIdrive Application Classes 1, 3, and 4.