New Products – March 2021 [2] [IO-Link]

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New Software Modules for Drives with IO-Link

halstrup-walcher has expanded its PSD Direct Drives with IO-Link to include some useful Software Modules. This means that the drives can now be controlled more quickly and flexibly or used more effectively for applications such as tool changers or conveyor belts. The IO-Link interface is a cost-effective alternative to other interfaces. However, in addition to IO-Link, the PSD Direct Drives are available with a PROFINET interface.

Miniature Pressure Sensors with IO-Link

Just 66mm long and 19mm in diameter across flats, pressure sensors in the new PV70xx and PV80xx ranges from ifm electronic are easily accommodated even where mounting space is restricted. The PV80xx versions also feature integrated temperature measurement. They have an IO-Link interface that gives continuous access to the pressure and, depending on variant selected, temperature values.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Conductive Liquids

The new MIM all-metal electromagnetic flowmeter from KOBOLD measures and monitors small to medium sized flow of conductive liquids. The two outputs can be independently set to switch, or provide an analog or frequency output. An IO-Link interface is included according to specification V1.1 and can be equipped to output in SIO Mode.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Industrial Automation

KROHNE announces the AF-E 400 electromagnetic flowmeter for industrial automation, an ideal choice for applications with conductive liquids in tight spaces, such as cooling lines of welding equipment, bending machines and robots, or chemical dosing skids. The AF-E 400 features an IO-Link option to provide operators with application and process data for smarter factory automation, faster sensor installation or maintenance.

Magnetic Single- and Multiturn Encoders with IO-Link

Based on the compact Sendix M36 encoder with a size of 36 mm available as shaft or hollow shaft, Kübler is expanding this product family with the IO-Link interface. Added to this are the extensive diagnostic options that enable remote maintenance of the encoders as well as firmware updates via IO-Link and, according to IO-Link specifications, can also be carried out.

IO-Link Draw-Wire Encoders up to 42.5 m Length

Kübler also combines its new IO-Link encoders with reliable draw-wire mechanics. The measuring range extends from 0.3 m to 42.5 m. Another feature that can be traced back to the IO-Link encoders, but has a special application in wire rope hoists, is the limit switches for position and speed.

LCD Display and Process Devices with IO-Link

Also new and available from Kübler is the IO-Link – LCD Touch display 573T-IO. This display also offers an interface according to IO-Link. Another feature of this display is that two measured values can be shown simultaneously on the display. Easy operation even with gloves is possible thanks to the touch display.

New Edge IoT Gateway with IO-Link

The SRG-3352C from AAEON is built for connecting edge networks in smart factories, smart cities, and more. The SRG-3352C is designed to provide a flexible platform for connecting with a wide range of edge nodes and sensors. Built-in connections include two COM ports, two USB 2.0 ports, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, and an RS-232/422/485 expansion slot for digital I/O, Zigbee, and IO-Link support.