New Video: PROFINET Explained 🏭 – A Complete Overview

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Do you want to learn what PROFINET is and how it works? This short video covers a complete overview of PROFINET. It includes details on the protocol mechanisms, installation, configuration, network components, and more.


PROFINET is an open Industrial Ethernet solution based on international standards. It is a communication protocol designed to exchange data between controllers and devices in an automation setting. It was introduced in the early 2000s and is the most well-adopted Industrial Ethernet solution.

Since PROFINET is an open standard, hundreds of manufacturers have developed PROFINET products, such as PLCs, PACs, Drives, Robots, Proxies, IOs, and diagnostic tools.

PROFINET defines cyclic and acyclic communication between components, including diagnostics, functional safety, alarms, and additional information. To link all of those components, PROFINET employs standard Ethernet for its communication medium. Ethernet cables connect PROFINET components within a network, allowing other Ethernet protocols to coexist within the same infrastructure. Besides PROFINET, you can employ other Ethernet-based protocols to complement the network, such as OPC UA, SNMP, MQTT, or HTTP.

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