New Products – Aug 2021

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Turck: IO-Link Portfolio for Decentralized Automation

Turck is expanding its extensive IO-Link portfolio with a robust IO-Link master with an M12 power supply, a compact IO-Link master in IP20 and an I/O-Hub with an additional power supply. Both masters simplify the integration of IO-Link devices in PROFINET applications thanks to Turck’s Simple IO-Link Device Integration.

Softing Expands IIoT Gateway for Industry 4.0 Integration in Process Plants

The smartLink HW-DP allows access to process data from PROFIBUS devices and PROFIBUS remote I/Os, and securely export to any system inside or outside its own network. Users in the process industry who want to adapt their communication architecture to modern IIoT use-cases can integrate smartLink into existing plants in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Turck: Simplified Handling of IO-Link Devices 

Turck has simplified the integration and handling of IO-Link devices with an extensive web browser update for its block I/O modules. The new web server with optimized user guidance, an intuitive design, context-based help functions, as well as clever software components such as the IODD Configurator, simplifies commissioning and maintenance of IO-Link devices without additional software.

SICK’s Mini InspectorP61x Packs in Machine Vision Power

SICK has launched an ultra-compact and ultra-powerful all-in-one 2D vision sensor, the InspectorP61x, which can be rapidly set up to conduct highly-reliable inline machine vision inspections even in the tightest of machine spaces, or when mounted on robot arms. Its versatility for many applications is assured by a wide range of communications interfaces including PROFINET.

New M12-MINI Bulkhead Cable Connectors From PROVERTHA With Cable Gland

The new M12-Mini bulkhead cable connectors with crimp connection technology from Provertha are the most compact M12 solution in the industry and with only 24.5 mm length behind a cabinet or housing wall (complete length 41 mm) for space-saving bulkhead solutions in control cabinets or housings. They are available for the interfaces High-Speed 10 Gbit Ethernet with X-coding and for Ethernet with D coding as well as for PROFIBUS with B coding.

PETER HIRT: New Digital IO-Link Probes

The new digital IO-Link probes from PETER HIRT GmbH simplify the use of tactile measurement technology in machines and systems. The range of applications of the sensors includes testing, measuring, referencing and detecting. The probes combine the measuring transducer, the measuring electronics and the communication into one smart sensor. In-system errors are compensated for, giving them a much better measuring capability than analog systems.

Oriental Motor: AZ Series Drivers Available with PROFINET Communication

Oriental Motor is pleased to announce the latest addition to the AZ Series family of single axis stored data drivers, which now includes AC and DC input. Both input types are now available with PROFINET communication. The AlphaStep AZ Series stepper motors offers high efficiency, low vibration, and incorporates a newly developed mechanical absolute encoder for absolute-type positioning without battery back-up or external sensors to buy.

KEB Automation: Drive Controller With Extended Power Range

Implement new machine concepts with extended requirements for power, communication and integrated safety: The COMBIVERT F6 drive controllers from KEB Automation cover the complete power range from 2.2 kW to 450 kW. They control a wide range of motor technologies whether encoderless or with encoder and – depending on the application – with scalable, high-performance safety functions. In the device variant application, Ethernet-based bus systems can be switched via software, enabling flexible connection to the higher fieldbus level via PROFINET.

New IO-Link Signal Lighting from di-soric for a Broad Range of Applications

The new generation of SB-RGB signal lighting from di-soric offers nearly endless options for visualizing the most diverse situations for machines and systems. These flexible lights, available in five different lengths, are visible across large distances and can be used in all industries. Via the IO-Link process data, the operator can assign the desired color to any segment during operation and decide on blinking and flashing options.

DIMETIX: Laser Distance Sensors for Fast and Accurate Measurement Results up to 500m

The D-Series laser distance sensors are suitable for distances of 0.05 m to 500 m and measure with an accuracy of +/- 1 mm with a repeatability of +/- 0.3 mm. They usually use orange reflective foil as the reflector. At distances up to 100 m, the named accuracy values also apply to natural surfaces. The devices can deliver reliable measurement results even with black target surfaces or in direct sunlight if used outdoors. An analog output with 0/4 mA to 20 mA, serial interfaces, as well as digital inputs and outputs, are integrated as standard and PROFINET is an available option.

Carlo Gavazzi: The NRG Digital Solid State Relays With a PROFINET Interface

Compact, multifunctional solid state relays with real-time condition monitoring enable reduction of costly unplanned downtime. The NRG is an evolved solid state relay tailored for this revolution. Apart from the multiple switching capabilities, the NRG solid state relays have an added monitoring and communication interface through which data from each solid state relay can be exchanged with the PLC in real-time. The interface to the PLC is via PROFINET to facilitate the integration of the NRG solution in PROFINET networked machines.

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