New for ’22: Hands-on PROFINET Certified Training in USA

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Submitted by the PROFI Interface Center, Johnson City, TN

Certified Network Engineer and Installer

New and updated for 2022: Hands-on PROFINET Certified network engineer and installer training from the PROFI Interface Center in USA!

“It was a great experience. It goes into details about the PROFINET protocol. The instructor made sure all the relevant information was provided and explained.  I loved it.” – from a recent student.

Do you want to learn more about industrial communications and PROFINET and get ahead with your career and salary potential? Come on out to an in-person, hands-on training with our PROFItech PROFINET Certified Network Engineer and Installer class. Software and materials have been updated for 2022 and our course offers the possibility to get two certificates in the same week –both Network Engineer and Installer certifications. The certifications require passing a test administered during the week. 24 PDH hours will also be provided over the 4.5 days of training.

The focus of this training is to show you how PROFINET works under the hood and the main engineering and installation concepts so when you go out into the field you will have the knowledge to install, commission, maintain, and diagnose whatever issues may come your way. You will also be able to discuss or ask questions from our certified training instructor.  In-person training also provides great hands on experience and learning potential.

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Here is what you’ll learn during the course and the class syllabus:

Ethernet Basics

  • Introduction to Ethernet, TCP, UDP, IT protocols *

Network Installation and Infrastructure

  • Topologies *
    • SNMP *
  • Building and testing an Industrial Ethernet cable *
    • Installation guidelines and best practices
      • Laying cables
      • Grounding
      • Power system
  • Network Load calculation and rules *
  • Commissioning checklist


  • Technology and Organization

PROFINET performance levels

  • Conformance classes


  • PLC Configuration (RT, IRT) *
  • Ethernet and protocol frames *
  • Performance calculations for IRT *
  • Diagnostics *, troubleshooting
    • Records *, alarms *, error codes *

Wireshark Capture and Analysis

  • Ethernet capture guide (port mirror, TAPs, capture tools)
  • Ethernet monitor, setup *
  • PROFNET Startup Sequence *, Alarms *, Records *, troubleshooting *

Profinet Commander

  • IO Controller *
  • Name assignment *
  • Factory reset *
  • Identification and Maintenance *
  • Data record objects *


  • Device description files
  • Vendor and Device ID
  • GSD module & submodule identification
  • File structure and parameters
  • GSD Check

Additional Topics

  • Simple Device Replacement *
  • Fast Start Up
  • Shared Device
  • I-Device
  • Redundancy
  • Network Security
  • Isochronous mode application
  • Application profiles overview
    • PROFIsafe, PROFIenergy, PROFIdrive
  • Technology comparisons

* denotes a section which also includes a hands-on lab

Here are some other things people have said about the training:

“Great class that helped me understand why things were the way they were.  Now I understand things I’ve been doing for years. Very helpful from a PROFINET device manufacturers standpoint. Can’t wait for the developer’s class.”

“The material is well organized and presented in a way that someone without networking experience can follow along – excellent job.”

“This class was just what I needed and I feel that the time I spent was well worth it.  The instructor was very clear and thorough in his explanation of topics. Fully recommended!”

Note: class sizes are limited, so register early. We hope to see you in person at an upcoming class.

Click here for the June 13-17, 2022 class

Click here for the September 12-16, 2022 class