PROFINET in Process Automation Webinar: Feb 23-24

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PROFINET technology continues to see growing interest and acceptance in process automation. To cater to the high level of interest in and demand for an easy-to-understand introduction to digital communication in field automation and the digital transformation, PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) is offering an internationally oriented series of workshops on this topic.

Dates: February 23-24, 2022
Session 1: 9am – 1pm CET (both days)
Session 2: 3:30pm – 7:30pm CET (both days)
Cost: Free
Location: Online
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Based on previous experience, the advantages of the respective PROFINET technology are explained and demonstrated to both users and interested manufacturers in the most effective way possible. At the same time, a forum for exchanging information on the topic, making contacts and asking experts questions is also provided here.

A two-part, practice-oriented English webinar presenting the advantages of IEEE-based communication for automation will kick off the series of workshops on February 23rd and 24th, 2022. It will focus on commissioning, maintenance, diagnostics, openness to future technology, investment protection and reuse of investments already made.

The presentations are aimed at planners, builders and operators of process industry plants. They foster integration into new powerful usage scenarios, not to mention serving as signposts for future-oriented strategies for Internet- and cloud-based turnkey solutions. These presentations are supported by a host of communication and device profiles, as well as future Edge infrastructures, which clear the path to OPC UA and Industry 4.0.

New installations and modernization demonstrate the advantages of modern technology. This includes both horizontal and vertical data connectivity from the field level to the cloud level, powerful topology, redundancy and diagnostic concepts, as well as the option to intervene in the plant during operation. With a 100% standard-Ethernet approach, PROFINET is the key to solutions for the digitization of modern production plants and the right path for the seamless migration of existing plants with a host of different gateways to high-performance automation solutions.

This equally takes both protection of existing equipment and openness into account. With Ethernet APL technology, the use of PROFINET all the way into hazardous areas is made possible over a 2-wire cable for energy supply and data flow, while existing fieldbus cabling is made reusable. This results in significant cost savings.

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