New Products – February 2022

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New I/Os for Field Installation

Phoenix Contact is extending its portfolio of I/O systems for cabinet-free automation with the new generation of its Axioline E I/O system. With IP65/IP67 degrees of protection and a fully encapsulated zinc die-cast housing, the I/O modules are ideal for direct use in a machine under the harshest ambient conditions. The initial portfolio includes digital input/output devices and IO-Link masters as PROFINET devices. All modules feature L-coded M12 connectors for the 2 x 16 A power supply.

Data-Driven Circuit Breakers

CAPAROC, the new electronic circuit breaker system from Phoenix Contact, uses data-driven power modules to customize overcurrent protection. With numerous feed-in power modules, circuit breakers, potential distribution modules, and current rails, CAPAROC makes it easy to design an intelligent system with communication. The power feed-in module, available in status reset or PROFINET versions, is the “brain” of the system. The status reset uses standard digital input/output to communicate the status of the breakers and to reset tripped channels. The PROFINET power module allows complete control and monitoring of the breakers.

Simplified Handling of IO-Link Devices

Turck has simplified the integration and handling of IO-Link devices with an extensive web browser update for its block I/O modules. The new web server with optimized user guidance, an intuitive design, context-based help functions, as well as clever software components such as the IODD Configurator, simplifies commissioning and maintenance of IO-Link devices without additional software. Via the manufacturer independent database “IODDfinder”, the user has access to all IO-Link devices available worldwide. Turck also supports the engineering of IO-Link devices with the “Simple IO-Link Device Integration” (SIDI). IO-Link masters with SIDI enable the devices to be handled like genuine PROFINET modules with their own GSDML entry.

IO-Link Electric Cylinder with Positioning Function

The Swiss startup Cyltronic AG launches the world’s first all-in-one electric cylinder on the market with IO-Link connectivity: the CTC 60. The compact electric cylinder consisting of fully integrated electronics, a fully integrated motor, a high-quality ball screw in combination with IO-Link, brings new flexibility to machine building and saves a lot of energy costs. The CTC 60 is flexible like a servo actuator, simple like a pneumatic cylinder.

Real-Time Wireless Clamping Force Measurement

With the iJaw, the clamping specialist Röhm presents a clamping jaw with integrated sensor technology for measuring the clamping force directly at the clamping point. The iJaw transmits the measured data wirelessly to a gateway via the robust IO-Link Wireless protocol with a high sampling rate of 100 Hz. The gateway with the IO-Link Wireless receiver is used to receive the data and forward it. The gateway offers a PROFINET interface for connection to the machine.

PROFINET-Compatible Industrial Memory and ID Module

With the Han® ID Module from HARTING it is possible to store machine data or identify different modules directly inside the connector interface. Modular machine concepts are being used more and more for flexible production systems. For such systems it is necessary to automatically control the right configurations and to store all kinds of machine data directly in the different machine parts. The modules are PROFINET compatible and the ideal solution for building very flexible plug & produce machine concepts.

Ethernet Connectivity for Sensors in Confined Spaces

binder now offers connectors with D-coding in the M8 form factor as part of its 818 product series. The products are ideal for industrial Ethernet applications with communication protocols such as PROFINET according to IEEE 802.3 via twisted-pair cables of the Cat-5e category. Accordingly, the 4-pin connectors enable the network connection of actuators and sensors of particularly small size with data rates of up to 100 Mbit/s.