PROFINET Testing and Certification FAQ

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How do I know which PROFINET specification and GSD file versions are current?

The PROFINET IO Test Bundle contains a “PROFINET Versions for Certification” document. This document lists the current PROFINET specification and GSD versions. It also indicates the certification testing validity dates for specific versions. The PROFINET IO Test Bundle is available to members at:

What about passive components?

Passive components include infrastructure components like switches, cables, and connectors, and do not require certification. An exception would be if a switch also functions as a PROFINET device, and has its own GSD file, in which case certification is required. For passive PROFINET components the conformity must be declared by the manufacturer of the product. These products can then be added to the list of PROFINET Passive Network Components posted on the PI website.

How to handle certification for devices sold under different names/models (brand labeling)?

Brand labeling occurs when another vendor resells a device without any change of hardware or firmware. Brand labeled PROFINET devices need a unique Vendor ID and an updated GSD file. The brand labeling vendor can apply for a certificate based on the original device manufacturer’s test report simply by adding a Manufacturer’s Declaration. The Manufacturer’s Declaration is available upon request from the PI Certification Office.

What is the difference between a certified product and a certified reference design?

A product certificate shows compliance of a device manufacturer’s product, such as an IO, sensor, drive, or encoder. The certificate proves a device has passed all testing according to the PROFINET standards. A technology certificate certifies the compliance of a reference design (solution), usually in form of a development or evaluation board, that implements the PROFINET protocol inside a device manufacturer’s product. The chosen solution might be, for example, an ASIC, software stack, module, or plugin board. This certificate shows that the solution intended to be used in the PROFINET device is certifiable according to the PROFINET standards.

How to obtain a Vendor ID and a Device ID?

All PROFINET components have two associated IDs: A Vendor ID and a Device ID. Device manufacturers must obtain a Vendor ID and define a Device ID before testing since both IDs are included in the device’s GSD file. Vendor IDs are unique, and therefore managed and assigned by PI to each company. Device manufacturers can obtain their PROFINET Vendor ID at no charge by sending an email to: certification[AT] Vendor IDs are the same for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and IO-Link. If a device manufacturer already has a Vendor ID for PROFIBUS, there is no need to request a new one for PROFINET. The Device ID is chosen and managed by the device manufacturer. Each device should have a unique Device ID specifically for the device. The “GSDML Technical Specification for PROFINET” document in the PROFINET IO Test Bundle contains details about Device ID formatting.

Read the Complete Testing and Certification Guide here