Recap: Top 5 Articles of 2022

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#1: 10BASE-T1L Ethernet Standard – Questions Answered

March 2022

What exactly is 10BASE-T1L, what advantages does this technology offer, and why is it a new standard? What Does 10BASE-T1L mean? Can I also implement the power supply to the devices via the two wires? Learn the basics and more in this article.

#2: IO-Link Safety is Coming to Life

October 2022

IO-Link Safety is very powerful and is used for safe drives, door locks and control & signaling device boxes, among other things. The first multi-vendor demo with IO-Link Safety was presented on the PI booth at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany in November.

#3: The Latest Happenings with TSN

June 2022

Recent events at Hannover Messe 2022 revealed the latest on PROFINET over TSN and progress towards a common TSN test plan for all industrial protocols using the IEC/IEEE 60802 TSN profile for Industrial Automation.

#4: Impressive Node Count Growth in 2021 for PROFINET and IO-Link

May 2022

Continuing the positive trend for PI technology, PROFINET is fast approaching the 50 million installed devices milestone, while IO-Link is experiencing extraordinary growth. With Ethernet-APL, PROFINET is well positioned for the future in process automation as well.

#5: New Products Launched in 2022

January-December 2022

The New Products article in almost every issue of PROFINEWS in 2022 was the most read article. To make our Top 5 compendium simply a list of New Products articles would not have been particularly exciting! However, we’re excited readers are finding new PROFIBUS, PROFINET, IO-Link, and omlox products to buy and install.