New Products – October 2023

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Robust Ethernet Cordsets

Turck‘s 4422 series is a complete series of Ethernet cables offering a comprehensive range for industrial production. They have been approved for use in networks with PROFINET. The polyurethane cable jacket makes them robust against abrasion and pressure, and yet allows a high level of flexibility with torsion radii of +/- 180 degrees per meter. The cables of the 4422 series are available with RJ45 male connectors as well as with straight or angled M12 or M8 male connectors with different codings.


High-Resolution Absolute Encoders

Turck is expanding its encoder portfolio to include encoders with a PROFINET interface for real-time applications, particularly in the logistics, food & beverage and machine building sectors. The REM (multiturn) and RES (single-turn) series encoders rely on the latest PROFINET encoder profile (version 4.2) and offer 19-bit resolutions for the single-turn devices and resolutions of up to 24 bits for the multiturn devices. All encoders support PROFINET features such as the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP), Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

New Family of Servo Drives

The new Festo CMMT family of drives includes CMMT-ST-MP compact DC servo drives. The drives are rated up to 300 W and are popular with builders that require a small, high quality, readily available drive. CMMT-AS-MP compact AC servo drives are rated up to 6 KW. Remarkably small 9- and 12-KW CMMT-AS-MP units are slated for sale later this year. Machine builders consolidating on CMMT MP drives gain the ability to cost effectively and more efficiently support their current and future customers as the North American market becomes more diversified in its applications PROFINET.

Flowmeters with Faster and More Reliable Data Transmission

Reducing complexity and cost of installation, the new CoriolisMaster and ProcessMaster flowmeters from ABB combine Power Over Ethernet (POE) with the PROFINET protocol, providing a single-cable solution for both power and data transmission. Scalable four wire Ethernet facilitates remote flow rate measurement and adjustment, while a dedicated web server provides direct access to device diagnostics.

Extremely Short M12 Ultrasonic Sensor

Thanks to highly integrated sensor electronics, the length of the UR12’s housing, from Baumer, has been minimized down to merely 50 mm. The maximum detection range is 500 mm, for through-beam sensors 1000 mm. As a standard, the new ultrasonic sensor features IO-Link interface for easy integration and delivery of valuable secondary data. Advanced functions ensure optimum sensor settings, such as easy configuration of sonic lobes using the free Baumer Sensor Suite, or disruption filters to suppress agitators in level applications.

Extremely Flat Inductive Sensor

With new IF250, Baumer presents an extremely flat inductive sensor with yet a large switching distance. Despite the very flat design of only 6 mm, IF250 will detect objects at a distance of up to 12 mm. IF250 is available as proximity switch with industry-standard PNP or NPN output or as a measuring variant with digital IO-Link interface. Easy parameterization via IO-Link, comprehensive diagnostic data such as histograms, temperature or switching cycles are even more product benefits.