IO-Link Wireless is now an International IEC Standard

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The IO-Link Community of PI is pleased to announce that the international standardization of IO-Link Wireless has been successfully completed. In November 2023, the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) published the IEC 61139-3:2023 standard entitled “Industrial networks – Single-drop digital communication interface – Part 3: Wireless extensions,” also known as “IO-Link Wireless.”

IO-Link Wireless describes fast and reliable wireless communication between sensors, actuators and associated base stations in industrial production environments, thereby representing basic technology for the implementation of modern and highly flexible automation concepts like those of Industry 4.0, for example.

Version 1.1 of IO-Link Wireless was published as “IO-Link Wireless System Extensions” by the IO-Link community in 2018. Over the years that followed, comprehensive expansions, further developments and improvements, as well as the preparation of an associated test specification, were undertaken by the IO-Link Community.

Involved experts from well-known member companies took on the goal of transitioning the further developed version of IO-Link Wireless into an internationally recognized IEC standard with support from German standardization organization DKE (German Commission for Electrotechnical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE).

These activities were also promoted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) as “IOLW-4-IEC” as part of the WIPANO (“Knowledge and Technology Transfer Through Patents and Standards”) funding guideline and supported by the IO-Link Community.

With the successful completion of the standardization of IO-Link Wireless as IEC 61139-3, the most important pillars of IO-Link technology, IO-Link specification version 1.1.3 in IEC 61131-9 and IO-Link Safety in IEC 61139-2, are available as international standards.