Recap: Top 5 Articles of 2023

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Drumroll please…

#1: More Than Just Ethernet APL

July 2023

Ethernet-APL (Advanced Physical Layer) on its own is an incredible advancement in industrial networking. However, it is not quite a complete solution. As such, many features must be provided at the protocol layer –not at the physical layer. PROFINET already provides these features, and more, to operate a plant at maximum efficiency. Now, let’s look beyond what’s possible at the protocol level. Spoiler alert: Artificial Intelligence will not be discussed.


#2: MTP Activities Have Picked Up Speed

November 2023

With the selection of PI as the host of Module Type Package (MTP) technology by ZVEI and NAMUR, efforts are under way to build momentum and accelerate world-wide acceptance of MTP. Read about the latest activities and where MTP is headed.

#3: SRCI: a Win-Win-Win for Robot Automation

November 2023

The Standard Robot Command Interface (SRCI): PLCs need only implement a single library that now contains the function blocks for programming different robots. Robot suppliers need only implement a single interpreter for their controller. And for end-users, programming occurs natively in the PLC’s engineering tool. It’s a win-win-win.

#4: Record PROFINET and IO-Link Numbers

May 2023

The annual independent notary recording of installed products with interfaces using technology from PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) yielded very positive numbers for 2022. This is especially true for PROFINET and IO-Link, but PROFIsafe achieved a considerable increase over the previous year as well.

#5: New Products Launched in 2023

January – December 2023

The New Products article in almost every issue of PROFINEWS in 2023 was the most-read article per issue. To make our Top 5 compendium simply a list of New Products articles would not have been particularly exciting! However, we are glad that readers are finding new PROFIBUS, PROFINET, IO-Link, and omlox products to buy and install.