Call for Experts: Ethernet-APL Conformance Joint WG

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The Ethernet-APL Working Group, which operates within the PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) structure, is tasked with developing and maintaining conformance tests for products built to Ethernet-APL requirements. Ethernet-APL is the physical layer supported by protocols including EtherNet/IP, HART-IP, OPC UA/UAFX, and PROFINET to name a few. The Ethernet-APL technology is co-owned by FieldComm Group, ODVA, OPC Foundation, and PI. The organizations collaborate toward wider adoption of the Ethernet-APL standards, test specifications, methodology, tools, and testcases that are essential to overall conformance. Conformance applies to all product types (regardless of protocol) including all classes of spur load (devices, actuators, analyzers, etc.) as well as switches and other infrastructure products.

Working Group Leader

Sean Vincent, FieldComm Group


Facilitate common conformance requirements for collaborating organizations so test results performed on the common physical layer by one organization can be used by other organizations.

Regularly Scheduled Meetings

The Project Group meets every 4 weeks on Tuesdays 14:50-16:00 CET (cadence increases as topics require).

Next meeting 16 April 2024 14:50-16:00 Central European Time

Working Group Duration

Working Group plans to continue to meet as long as support for Ethernet-APL is required.

Volunteer Needs

Participants need to have experience with implementing Ethernet-APL, Ethernet physical layers, intrinsic safety, and hardware development for a variety of industries, applications, and requirements.


  1. Update Ethernet-APL conformance test specifications.
    1. New features introduced with latest Ethernet-APL technical specifications
    2. Fix known test bugs
    3. Clarify and resolve support issues
    4. Test coverage for all product types
  2. Develop a common set of Ethernet-APL tests that can be used regardless of communication protocol or product type.
  3. Develop acceptance criteria and additional test cases for any discovered and known issue.

Anticipated Tasks

  1. Analyze existing Ethernet-APL test specifications to provide support to all test labs and developers of APL products.
  2. Develop criteria and test specification for manual performance of tests.
  3. Develop testcases and methodology that can be automated.
  4. Identify subsets of tests to be used for acceptance testing.
  5. Coordinate projects being conducted by contractors.
    1. Develop any necessary requirements (Request for Proposal) for work contracted outside the working group.
  6. Optimize conformance tests where possible based on lessons learned.
  7. Coordinate maintenance of equipment list between equipment vendors and test tool developers.
  8. Update for consistency with IEC and maintain version for future submissions to IEC.


  • Ethernet-APL Data Test Specification
  • Ethernet-APL Data Tests Method of Implementation
  • Ethernet-APL Power CTS Method of Instruction
  • Ethernet-APL Power Test Specification
  • Ethernet-APL Test Equipment
  • Ethernet-APL EMC Test Specification (repackaging of the IEC document)

How to Join the Working Group

If you are interested in collaborating on this topic and are a member of FieldComm Group, ODVA, OPC Foundation, and/or PROFIBUS & PROFINET International, please send an email to or directly to the committee leader with your expression of interest and your contact information. Participants are requested to send their expression of interest by 15 April 2024 to join the kickoff meeting.