New Products – April 2024

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Servo Drive with PROFINET

The CDHD2S PN from Servotronix is a new servo drive with high performance and a PROFINET interface. An adaptive non-linear control algorithm was developed to optimize servo performance in high precision motion applications. The current loop design achieves a frequency response of 3-5 kHz. Position compare output allows fast synchronization of an actual position to the machine process. Operation of triggering devices such as cameras, barcode readers, or printing heads can be controlled directly by the drive.

Managed Switches Achieve PROFINET Certification

Since their grand debut, the Teltonika Networks TSW202 and TSW212 managed switches have supported the PROFINET protocol. However, these managed switches are now officially certified by PI. This certification serves as a testament to the switches’ compliance with other devices within industrial machines and plants. The switches come equipped with QoS features, enabling prioritization of PROFINET traffic over other data flows. And since PROFINET supports data transfer rates of up to 1 Gbps, networking solutions specialising in industrial, automation, manufacturing, and robotics can greatly benefit from employing these managed switches in their network infrastructure.

First omlox-embedded Work Device

Infrafon has introduced the first high precision indoor location-aware work device with integrated UWB omlox technology. The device can be used on the shop floor to measure a 3D position with 10 cm accuracy and to communicate related content to the worker by OLED, epaper, buzzer or vibration. With Infrafon´s unique dataview technology a work process can be defined very easily so that location-related assembly commands in a work step can be controlled precisely. The device also offers enhanced ID authentication technology such as a biometric fingerprint option and touch PIN entry. An ideal use-case could be in aerospace, to log which worker has mounted which part at what time and at which position, during assembly.

New IP69K I/O with PROFINET and IO-Link

The new SIMATIC ET 200clean from Siemens is the ideal peripheral solution for demanding, hygiene-sensitive areas of application such as the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. The IP69K protection class guarantees tightness during the cleaning process so that dirt, dust or germs cannot penetrate sensitive devices or disrupt production. As the housing material is chemically resistant, you can use commercial cleaning agents and disinfectants without hesitation. The ET 200clean supports the the PROFINET and IO-Link technologies.

Servo Drive with PROFINET IRT

Kollmorgen, a provider of motion control systems, announces the latest update to its AKD2G servo drive. With the introduction of these new features, Kollmorgen has broadened its offerings to additionally support PROFINET IRT. The AKD2G servo drive update allows for synchronized motion between multiple drives using a variety of control architectures. The drive features an optional SafeMotion Monitor (SMM) firmware with a safety level of SIL3/PLe to meet functional safety needs and enable a wider range of applications.

New IO-Link Hub for Scaling I/O

As networks scale up, enterprises need to mitigate complexity and contain costs. Designed to maximize performance and reliability at a reasonable price point, the Lumberg Automation LioN-X 16DIO IO-Link Hub LC from Belden offers 350 milliamperes (mA) per channel – enough to power most industrial applications. This IO-Link Hub features a ruggedized design to maximize durability and endure challenging conditions.

IO-Link Added to Conductivity and pH Sensors

Bürkert is providing more data from its Type 8222 conductivity and Type 8202 pH sensors, by embedding IO-Link into the product range. The digitalization of these products allows maintenance and operations to be streamlined thanks to remote monitoring capabilities, supporting process uptime in water quality or chemical applications. The new IO-Link products are complementary for water quality applications. The Type 8202 offers the ability to measure pH as well as the oxidation reduction potential (redox) of a fluid. Meanwhile, the Type 8222 assesses conductivity, detecting the levels of sodium chloride, hypochlorous acid or calcium carbonate (hardness) in water. IO-Link is also available for the Type 8228, an inductive conductivity meter that is popular in chemical applications.

IO-Link for Raspberry Pi

Pinetek Networks has introduced the IOL HAT, an extension for Raspberry Pi that enables easy integration of industrial sensors and other industrial devices. Developed as an add-on board (HAT) mainly for Raspberry Pi, the IOL HAT enables seamless data exchange with IO Link sensors, actuators, and other IO-Link devices for IoT applications. With the IOL HAT as a universal interface, the user can create applications like smart metering (by using of IO-Link current sensors), ruggedized environmental data acquisition (by using IO-Link temperature and humidity sensors), fluid level measurement (by using IO-Link level sensors), and many other applications.

RS-485 Chip with PROFIBUS Support

STMicroelectronics has introduced the ST4E1240 RS-485 transceiver with 40Mbit/s speed, PROFIBUS-compatible output, and transient and hot-swap protection. The ST4E1240 is the first in a new family of transceivers from ST featured to deliver robust and reliable RS-485 signaling for modern, performance-hungry industrial applications. The ST4E1240 fulfils all TIA/EIA-485 (RS-485) standards and ensures the output differential voltage exceeds 2.1V, at 5V supply, for compatibility with the popular PROFIBUS fieldbus standard.