Call for Experts: Independent Protocol Physical Layer (10BASE-T1L) Joint WG

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The specification and certification of Ethernet-APL, based on the IEEE standards 10BASE-T1L, has now been completed for devices to support the intrinsic safety requirement of the process industries. There is a desire to use the SPE technology to support devices in non-ex areas as well.

There are 4 standardization organizations (SDO) that are co-owners of the Ethernet-APL specifications. FieldComm Group, ODVA, OPC Foundation and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International have agreed to collaborate to develop general purpose SPE applications and therefore intend to form a working group for this purpose.


To implement a robust, reliable and interoperable SPE solution based on Ethernet-APL, a clear and complete description is required. The objective of the working group is to recognize gaps in the specification and develop solutions to close these gaps. In particular, the definitions for PHYs and corresponding power classes as well as the interaction with PoDL are to be clarified.

Independent Protocol Physical Layer Group (10Base-T1L)

  • Support for PROFINET
  • Support for EtherNet/IP
  • Support for HART-IP
  • Support for OPC UA

Call to Action

Participation in the Joint Working Group “Independent Protocol Physical Layer Group (10Base-T1L)“ is intended and open for all members of the SDOs.

Host Organization

The Ethernet-APL-Project Maintenance Project is hosted by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International

  • Joint Working Group Leader: Mr. Harald Müller , Endress+Hauser
  • Joint Working Group Deputy: Mr. Volker Goller, Analog Devices

Each organization will send out an announcement within their organization, inviting their members to participate in the technical Joint Working Group “Independent Protocol Physical Layer Group (10Base-T1L)“.

The aim of this JWG is to implement the application in the non-ex area with SPE 10BASE-T1L and in the ex-area with APL based on 10BASE-T1L and 2-WISE. As far as possible, preparations should also be made for the support of 100BASE-T1L.

Following an analysis of the existing specifications, a solution concept and a subsequent elaboration of the requirements for PHYs and power classes in the non-ex area are required. Additionally, work on the further development of the Ethernet-APL standards in the ex-area will be done.

Expected Outcome

The work result will entail extensions to the relevant standards and guidelines and will also be included in the IEC specifications.


These tasks are carried out under the responsibility of the SDO technical Joint Working Group “Independent Protocol Physical Layer Group (10Base-T1L)“. Specialists from system, infrastructure and device manufacturers who would like to work productively on the topic “Independent Protocol Physical Layer Group (10Base-T1L)” are being sought for this working group.

Kick-Off Meeting

The virtual kick-off meeting “Independent Protocol Physical Layer Group (10Base-T1L)” is planned for 30. April 2024, 13:00-15:00 MEZ.

If you are interested in collaborating on this topic and are a member of FieldComm Group, ODVA, OPC Foundation, and/or PROFIBUS/PROFINET International, please send an email to info[AT] or directly to the Joint Working Group leader harald.mueller[AT] with your expression of interest and your contact information. Participants are requested to send their expression of interest by  April 19, 2024 to join the kickoff meeting.