New Approach: Remote I/O Valve Terminals for Zone 1/21

A new concept for zoned areas is proposed: Place small remote I/O valve terminals instead of building central or large decentralized solutions. Collect the intrinsically safe signals on-site and supply the pneumatic drives via short pneumatic lines. Communication takes place directly via PROFINET to the controller.

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New Video: Industrial Networks in Transition

In order for industrial networks to work efficiently despite high, sometimes irregular data traffic and to run reliably in terms of security, their structures must be adapted. The pitfalls and solutions for this are explained in a nutshell in this new video "Industrial networks in transition - utopia or necessity?"

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Board Member Perspective

Over the years, you’ve amassed smart field devices through different area owners, different project owners, and even purchasing, and now you are backed into a tough spot; you have to extract the 'smarts' from these pricey devices acquired from different manufacturers, connected to different PLCs, and in some cases across different protocols. What to do?

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