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omlox Reference Installation at MANN+HUMMEL

The omlox community is proud to announce the omlox reference installations at the MANN+HUMMEL logistics warehouse in Speyer.  The special feature of this installation is instead of tracking the positions of goods itself, the position of the UWB-equipped handheld is tracked. This way, the position of the goods can be managed via the handheld application and directions are then provided via the stored position.  In total, 600 hours of search time are saved throughout the year, making the logistics processes more efficient.  The best part of it: with omlox, data silos are eliminated and location data can be used throughout the organisation.

Many thanks to the cooperation partners TRUMPF, Flowcate, ACD Elektronik GmbH, and BridgingIT GmbH and everyone who supported this effort.

omlox at IMTS

omlox has touched down in Chicago!! We’re excited that the world’s first open locating standard is exhibiting for the first time in the USA.  The booth at IMTS – International Manufacturing Technology Show featured tutorials on how omlox revolutionizes smart manufacturing through the IIoT.  The omlox members were represented by Flowcate and TRUMPF Tracking Technologies and are showcasing the power of the omlox Hub and the omlox Core Zone through an interactive demo.


Introducing Flowcate and the Premier omlox Middleware

We are Flowcate, the company behind the “DeepHub”, the premier omlox hub implementation. Formerly known as “Heidelberg Mobil”, we are a co-founder of omlox and developed the DeepHub in parallel to version 1 of the omlox hub specification. Direct feedback from the field based on pre-standard versions of our product immediately influenced decisions in creating the specification. Therefore, the first official version is already rock-solid and utilized by many customers to harness the full potential of locating technologies.

You can find complete documentation of the DeepHub online at you’ll find the REST API and the WebSocket API that are part of the omlox hub specification. Furthermore, extensions our product offers are described there, too. The most prominent example for the latter is the modern Web UI that provides an interactive map, allowing for administration and monitoring of the overall system. It visualizes all zones, location providers, fences and trackables known to a running DeepHub.

Access to the DeepHub for trial and testing purposes is available for everyone. It is available as Docker images on Docker Hub (, and we provide basic setup and configuration examples on GitHub (

You can even find screencasts on YouTube that illustrate how to use the resources mentioned above (

What’s new is that you’ll find basic code and use case examples on GitHub as well ( They cover different aspects, such as:

  • Learn how to use the DeepHub with basic code examples in Python, JavaScript and other programming languages.
  • Be inspired by examples that show how an omlox hub can be used to build sophisticated solutions by combining different locating technologies.
  • See how the DeepHub excels by utilizing 3rd party mainstream tools, such as InfluxDB, Grafana and more.