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Not Your Father’s Fieldbus – A Look at TSN

Closed fieldbuses simply don’t cut it anymore to run a modern manufacturing plant. Sure, they achieve the necessary performance, but at the expense of flexibility. Now that Ethernet is becoming deterministic by design, performance is no longer the deciding factor: it’s all about the data.

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PROFINET in Process Automation: PA Profile V4.0

PROFINET is increasingly evolving into a pillar for automation concepts of the future. A new version of the PA application profile (PA Profile V4.0) is an important step toward making PROFINET suitable for use in process automation equipment of the Industry 4.0 generation.

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PI Support Meeting Held in The Hague

From June 4 - 7, 2018 the annual PICC/PITC/PITL Meeting took place in the Netherlands. More than 70 representativesof the PI Competence Centers, Trainings Centers and Test Laboratories held various meetings in The Hague.

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Our TSN Strategy is Clear

At Hannover Fair 2018, PI exhibited its first working demonstration of [email protected] Of note is the Plug-&-Work capability. This feature allows devices to be added and removed from the TSN domain without the need for a dedicated centralized network manager.

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PI Meeting and Anniversary Celebration in Japan

30 years! Think about it. That is how long PI has been having an annual meeting of its Regional PI Associations (RPAs). This 30th meeting was hosted by the Japanese PROFIBUS Organization (JPO) in Hiroshima, Japan. The event also coincided with the JPO's 21st anniversary celebration in Tokyo.

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