PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and IO-Link news from around the world

PI Meeting and Anniversary Celebration in Japan

30 years! Think about it. That is how long PI has been having an annual meeting of its Regional PI Associations (RPAs). This 30th meeting was hosted by the Japanese PROFIBUS Organization (JPO) in Hiroshima, Japan. The event also coincided with the JPO's 21st anniversary celebration in Tokyo.

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IO-Link Wireless Specification Ready

IO-Link is the first technology for communicating with sensors and actuators below the fieldbus level to be adopted as an international standard. With this technology you will now be able to go wireless with IO-Link!

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IO-Link Integrated in OPC UA

The IO-Link Community developed a method for implementing IO-Link into OPC UA in 2017. Learn more about the further seamless integration of sensor data into MES and ERP systems; currently being performed in the OPC Foundation.

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We’ll Show You the Pathway

There’s currently no shortage of new buzzwords in communications technology, which promise ultimate solutions for Industry 4.0 scenarios. One technology alone is insufficient for a sustainable, practical implementation...but do not worry! PI has a defined and consistent method to assess new technologies.

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Providing Industry Foursight

The combination of PROFINET plus OPC UA plus TSN provides a recipe for success as the boundaries between conventional ISA95 levels are blurring. PI is working hard to ensure our networks enable the future: Industry 4.0.

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