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Roadmap for Adding PROFINET to Your Device

Planning a development roadmap for a PROFINET project is critical for a smooth process and on-time product release. There are a few basic steps that you should follow. This article will guide you through the process to develop a successful roadmap!

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Wireless PROFINET Architectures [Tech Tip]

When speaking about wireless PROFINET communications for industrial automation, there are a variety of architectures available depending on the application. Overall, there are 4 main possible architectures: P2P, P2M, WDS, and Mesh.

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PROFINET Supervisors [Tech Tip]

Most of the communication in a PROFINET network flows between Devices and Controllers. Supervisors don't get much attention because they don't get involved in production work. However, a PROFINET Supervisor can be a great tool during system commissioning, checkout, and even to troubleshoot when there's a problem.

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