Automation Integrator Uses Comtrol for Device Connectivity

A leading integrator of factory automation and robotics solutions selected the Comtrol DeviceMaster UP 2-port 2E for a production line cell for forging spindles. In this application, laser markers communicating via TCP/IP were used to apply a serial number to the spindles. The commands were sent to the marker through a PLC running Profinet. Further down the process, the spindles are loaded into a dunnage box that is applied with a label that lists the part number, date/ time, and operator ID. This data is passed to a TCP/IP label printer from a Profinet PLC through the DeviceMaster UP 2-port 2E.

The Integrator was connecting to a Siemens ET200SP PLC and configured the Comtrol Profinet gateway through TIA Portal. They collaborated with Comtrol technical support to ensure everything was communicating properly. To help achieve this, Comtrol support had them successfully send a data packet from the PLC to the Devicemaster Profinet gateway which they could verify in Comtrol’s web interface.

Comtrol’s DeviceMaster UP 2-port 2E was the perfect solution because it can connect multiple TCP/IP Ethernet interface devices to an Industrial Ethernet protocol. In addition to Profinet, these devices can also connect to other network controllers.