PROFINET Quiz 2017

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A previous edition of PROFINEWS carried a PROFINET quiz drawn from new and old questions. This month there are all new questions! Challenge your PROFINET knowledge by clicking your choices:

1. PROFINET can exchange functional safety messages. TRUE or FALSE?

2. PROFINET is not suitable for process applications. TRUE or FALSE?

3. PROFINET is not Standard, Unmodified Ethernet. TRUE or FALSE?

4. How fast is PROFINET?

  1. 10 milliseconds THIS ONE.
  2. 1 millisecond THIS ONE.
  3. 250 microseconds THIS ONE.
  4. 31.25 microseconds THIS ONE.
  5. Just 2 and 3. THIS ONE.
  6. All of 1 through 4. THIS ONE.

Perfect score? Congratulations! Miss a few? You might want to read the PROFINET System Description.