New Products: March 2017

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Gateways Certified for PROFINET IRT

HMS Industrial Networks has released new versions of their widely-used Anybus gateways for PROFINET IRT. The new versions allow machine builders and system integrators to connect any industrial device, machine or network to PROFINET IRT and comply with all the latest requirements of PROFINET specification v2.3 and onwards. HMS can now also offer Anybus Communicators for PROFINET IRT allowing any serial (RS232/422/485) or CAN-based device to communicate on PROFINET IRT v2.3. All gateways are conformance tested for network compliance.

PROFIBUS PC Card in Compact PCIe Mini Format

HMS Industrial Networks extends the existing IXXAT INpact multi-protocol PC-interface series with a compact PCIe mini card for PROFIBUS DPV1. This enables straightforward integration of PC-based, embedded, or mobile device applications into PROFIBUS-based systems. Typical use cases are coupling of devices/subsystems with higher-level networks, visualization of process data in control rooms or machines, implementation of flexible gateway solutions, as well as data acquisition in test stands, test systems, or service tools.

Faster Time to Market and Simpler Certification

MESCO Engineering, the development expert for electronic products used in process and factory automation, is now offering its customers what it calls ‘Design Packages.’ Thanks to the proven circuits and software components, manufacturers of sensors, actuators, drives, and I/O modules can considerably accelerate and simplify their product development – while also benefiting from reduced, easy-to-calculate costs. MESCO also guarantees TÜV Nord certification for the finished devices. MESCO solutions support PROFINET and PROFIsafe. Field devices can also be directly connected to the cloud via OPC UA.

Open Control Platform: PLCnext Technology

With PLCnext Technology Phoenix Contact has developed an open control platform with a modular software solution that is ready to face all the challenges of the IoT world. Linux forms the basis of the PLCnext Technology. The control platform supports OPC UA as well as the PROFIBUS and PROFINET protocols.


With its many years of acquired PROFIBUS experience, PROCENTEC developed a unique series of innovative PROFIBUS Plugs that cover the common installation issues. The colors of the plugs help the user to distinguish sections of the installation. Any combination can be defined by the end-user. The plugs are equipped with a terminating resistor and high frequency inductors to filter out the first level of reflections. Besides the standard plug with one 9-pin connector, a PG (piggy back) version is also available to allow easy connection of diagnostic tools.

Faster Time-to-Market for New PROFINET IRT Developments

Renesas Electronics Europe announced its new host drivers and an upgrade of the software environment for the TPS-1 PROFINET IRT Device Chip. The new software version, based on the latest PROFINET standard, simplifies the PROFINET certification process and speeds up the time-to-market for new PROFINET developments. The new host drivers for the RX630 Group and RX231 Group of MCUs give PROFINET implementers more flexible choice in host processors. Delivered with the bundled, royalty free PROFINET IRT stack and free of charge development tools from Phoenix Contact Software, the TPS-1 PROFINET IRT Device Chip supports developers with quick and simple entry in the PROFINET IRT market.

First Inclinometer with PROFIsafe Interface

TWK is the first sensor manufacturer to offer an inclinometer for SIL2/PLd applications with PROFIsafe via a PROFINET interface. The inclinometer has a measuring range of up to -90°…+90°, and can be supplied with one or even two measurement axes. Its resolution is 0.01°. Disturbing vibrations and impacts can be suppressed with optional vibration filters. Thanks to a redundant sensor system and additional internal monitoring measures, the NBT/S3 achieves a classification in SIL2 or performance level D. Its robust aluminum or stainless steel housing can be designed for protection classes up to IP69K, making the NBT/S3 suitable for all applications from mobile working machines up to and including plant engineering.

IP20 and IP67 for IO-Link

Weidmüller u-remote for IO-Link: innovative u-remote modules in the IP20 and IP67 degree of protection for IO-Link. For IO-Link, Weidmüller is offering a master module in the IP20 and IP67 degrees of protection. In the case of both modules, the modules and the connected devices are very conveniently parameterised using the integrated web server; no additional software is required. Compared with commercially available IP20 master modules, the Weidmüller master module has an increased power supply, with 500 mA per IO channel (type A) available instead of 200 mA.