New Products – September 2018

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Nord: PROFIsafe module for increased safety

Functional safety of plant and machinery is of vital importance in production. With the SK TU4-PNS PROFIsafe interface module, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides even greater safety. The optional module meets the most stringent safety requirements, enables flexible integration of various safety components and ensures secure communication in PROFINET environments.

Safe inputs and outputs, for example for emergency stop switches and light barriers, can be connected to the application with plug connectors. A rotary encoder can be connected to supervise the safe drive function. The module is equipped with two redundantly operating microprocessors and is self-monitoring.

Phoenix Contact: Bus couplers Certified to Profinet Spec. 2.3

In Profinet applications, the Axioline F bus coupler is the link between the Axioline F system and the higher-level Ethernet system. As Phoenix Contact’s first Profinet bus coupler, the TPS version of the device offers certification in accordance with Profinet Spec. 2.3.

The bus coupler also features PROFIenergy support. This feature uses cut-off mechanisms to save energy when in an inactive state. The web-based management feature, which can be used for retrieving static information (such as technical data or MAC addresses) as well as dynamic information (such as IP addresses or status information), has been expanded. The Axioline F station can be started up independently of the higher-level network via the service interface or an Ethernet port on the bus coupler using the Startup+ software.


A unique, brand-new feature on PROCENTEC Mercury is the PROCENTEC Commissioning Wizard. When the PROCENTEC Commissioning Wizard is launched, it will check the current network condition. After performing the Quickscan, the wizard will guide the user through the next seven steps of the commissioning process. Results are shown and give immediate insight on valuable information such as double IP addresses, network loads, and ARP requests.

Each step is accompanied with the necessary information provided by PROCENTEC Delphi, a virtual network engineer. Not only possible network errors are shown, PROCENTEC Delphi suggests which actions to take to solve the issues, so the PI certification rules are met. It is a unique software feature which offers guidance in plain everyday language.