IO-Link Safety – Standardized Master Interface

By the end of 2017, there were more than 8 million registered IO-Link nodes and the number is anticipated to grow rapidly in the forthcoming years. This is why the IO-Link Community has been systematically engaged with functionally safe communication.

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PROFINET Communication Channels [Tech Tip]

PROFINET is great at moving information across a network – we never get tired hammering that message home. But exactly how PROFINET moves that information is still a gray area for a lot of users, and deserves a closer look here.

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New Products – September 2018

New products this month include Nord's PROFIsafe module for increased safety, Phoenix Contact's bus coupler becoming PROFINET v2.3 ready, and PROCENTEC releasing its Mercury for sale with new features.

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PROFINET Supervisors [Tech Tip]

Most of the communication in a PROFINET network flows between Devices and Controllers. Supervisors don't get much attention because they don't get involved in production work. However, a PROFINET Supervisor can be a great tool during system commissioning, checkout, and even to troubleshoot when there's a problem.

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