Turning the Complex into Practical: PROFIdrive

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Standards save time and money. On the drive level, probably the best example of successful standardization is the vendor-neutral drive profile PROFIdrive. PROFIdrive covers all industrial relevant applications of variable-speed drives, from simple speed control to high-performance axis-groups of complex motion-control applications operated with position synchronicity. Users only need to work with the data and signals relevant to their specific application at this interface. Drive tasks that arise in practical use are divided into six application classes. In spite of its comprehensive approach and in spite of its extremely broad application range, the PROFIdrive profile remains very manageable in practical use cases.

The application model on which the PROFIdrive profile is based is designed and implemented independently of the communication medium. Changes in the control of the drives are not necessary when switching from PROFIBUS to PROFINET. Through this generic model approach, PROFIdrive users today benefit from Gigabit Ethernet variants or industrial WLAN, used increasingly in industrial applications, and – in the future – from new communication technologies such as TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) and parallel OPC UA applications.

The new V4.2 encoder profile, expanded with safety functions, has now been released. A comprehensive portfolio of interoperable encoders with PROFINET and PROFIBUS interface are thereby made available – saving time and money. For testing the implementation of the Encoder profile, the PROFIdrive Profile Tester was expanded with the appropriate test cases. Curious to learn more? As always, you can find all the technical specifications at www.profibus.com

Alexander Tully
Head of PI’s PROFIdrive Working Group