PI North America Activities: Plugfest, New Website, and Training


PI North America members are invited to participate in a plugfest for PROFINET devices in Scottsdale, AZ on November 6th and 7th. Even though all PROFINET devices are certified in test labs, the plugfest presents the opportunity for product developers to sit with their products in a large system environment. It allows developers to evaluate PROFINET devices and controllers in an environment that comes close to the real automation world.

Participant roles:

  • Device Manufacturer: Bring certified or close-to-certified products to test.
  • Infrastructure: Share your switches, cables, connectors, wires, or similar to help us build up our network.
  • Solution Provider: Bring your software stack, chip, SDK, module, or similar to test on the network.
  • Other: Feel free to suggest other roles

More information and registration @ http://us.profinet.com/plugfest

PI North America Launches New Website

A new design to improve navigation and access to resources

PI North America, the non-profit trade organization for PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies in North America, is proud to announce its new website at https://us.profinet.com/. The website was updated to focus on simplifying navigation, expanding resources, and upgrading the general design.

PI North America’s mission is to educate and support through classes, webinars, technical papers, social media, etc. The website is a key resource to display and promote all educational materials and events. Now, users will be able to navigate the website with ease and find related resources as suggestions. As part of the resource section, PI North America has white papers, application stories, and in-depth documentation. Those three subsections have been expanded with further materials focusing on installation and future technologies. The website will continue to be updated regularly with industry news, regional events, and community updates.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the new website and contact PI North America directly with comments or questions. Direct communication is available at the Contact Us Page.

PROFINET and PROFIBUS Training in North America

PROFINET/PROFIBUS Courses: Installer Certificate Included (New!)

PROFINET and PROFIBUS certified network engineer classes continue to be offered several times every year. Students learn how the underlying technology works from the application to the frame level and pass both a practical and written exam to become certified. Now, they will receive two certificates (PROFINET Network Engineer and Installer) from PROFINET International (PI) for completing the course.

PROFINET Fundamentals Course (New!)

The PROFINET Fundamentals class helps students get off the ground with PROFINET technology and focuses on the user’s view and basic engineering. After attending the 2-day class students will have a good understanding of the features and use of PROFINET. Attendees of this class will receive 12 Professional Development (PDH) hours (no certification).

Recommended Audience: Sales, Business Development Managers, Distributors

PROFINET Refresher Course (New!)

The PROFINET Refresher course is two-day refresher training. It is available only for engineers which completed a PROFINET certification class and are certified. Attendees will get 12 Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

Free PROFINET One-day Training Classes

PI North America continues its yearly roadshow across North America with 6 cities left: Indianapolis, Richmond, Cleveland, Houston, Charlotte, and Nashville. These free classes prepare students to apply PROFINET in their own projects. Technical details of the technology are provided along with practical demonstrations. The class is designed for end users, OEMs, system integrator, and manufacturers of automation devices. Full schedule and registration HERE.

City 2018 Date
Indianapolis, IN September 18th
Richmond, VA October 4th
Cleveland, OH October 17th
Houston, TX October 30th
Charlotte, NC November 14th
Nashville, TN December 5th