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Industrial Topology Options and PROFINET

Choosing the most suitable and efficient network topology is a crucial step during network design. This new White Paper offers detailed insights into industrial network topology options, their benefits, and challenges. Download the full document to learn more!

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New White Paper: PROFINET and Industrial Wireless

Wireless communications open up a variety of applications that are difficult or impossible with cabling. PROFINET enables wireless connections without limitations, even with safety messages. This White Paper introduces industrial wireless communications and describes wireless topologies and features available in PROFINET networks.

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Offshore PROFIBUS Troubleshooting [Tech Tip]

Located 3 hours offshore, in the middle of the North Sea, is a vast array of wind-turbines with a PROFIBUS network essential to keeping electricity flowing to their batteries. We received an urgent call from their engineer. The network had failed, no amount of in-house expertise could diagnose the problem - could we please help?

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Tech Tip: PROFIBUS Default Update Time

After obtaining the correct passes, we took the training out of the classroom and into the workplace. Our plan: we were going to attempt to tap into the live network, and then diagnose and rectify the fault, hopefully without triggering a global baggage catastrophe. So... no pressure then.

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New Videos – MinutePROFINET

Two brand new videos have been published on the MinutePROFINET YouTube channel: "Why TSN Makes Sense" and "OPC UA in PROFINET Networks". Watch these minute-long explanations filled with knowledge and insights!

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PROFIBUS at Minus 50 Degrees [Tech Tip]

A PROFIBUS installation in a very cold location was experiencing some challenges. The network was constantly failing, costing serious amounts of time, resources and money. The cause and solution to the problem may surprise you! Read this Tech Tip to learn more...

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