5G Performance for PROFINET and PROFIsafe Communication

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Ifak, HMS, NXP and Radisys implemented a PROFINET network over 5G. This testbed evaluates whether failsafe applications are possible on a 5G NPN (Non-Private Network) and how does the network perform with PROFINET.

The PROFINET protocol is widely used in industrial communication, as well as the PROFIsafe profile. Furthermore, reliable and time-bounded transmission of data is key for achieving functional safety in industrial automation.  With this considerations, the testbed partners decided to investigate the performance of a 5G NPN (provided by NXP & Radisys) and 5G industrial networking equipment (by HMS) when transmitting PROFINET data. Specialized equipment (developed by ifak) allows to emulate application data, vary the transmission parameters and measure the system behavior.

This testbed is intended to explore the possibilities and limitations of industrial 5G communication under a wide range of conditions. Therefore, no specific use case is addressed but a general approach for PROFINET communication is pursued.

The expected results include the statistical analysis and quantitative evaluation of configuration parameters in selected test cases. The project also wants to derive recommendations for the implementation of PROFINET and PROFIsafe use cases over 5G NPN.