New PROFIsafe Products – October 2022

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New Safe Key System with PROFIsafe

The CKS2 from Euchner is a new, safe key system that is simple to integrate into the overall control system and can be used in a wide range of applications. The CKS2 is also available as a submodule for the MGB2 Modular, allowing many new applications to be implemented for this successful door locking system. In the MGB2 environment, the submodule is linked via PROFINET/PROFIsafe.

Drive Controllers Communicate via PROFIsafe

The drive controllers COMBIVERT F6 and Servo Drives S6 from KEB Automation offer integrated safety functions directly in the drive. In the device variant “APPLICATION” Ethernet-based bus systems are switchable via software and thus enable a flexible fieldbus connection to the superimposed control level, for example via PROFINET. Communication via the safe fieldbus protocol PROFIsafe has now been integrated and certified in the units. This reduces the amount of wiring required in the application.

Powerful Controller for High Safety Requirements

The BPC 9102S Remote Field Controller from Phoenix Contact is the most powerful controller in the product range based on PLCnext Technology. It was developed especially for applications with the highest safety requirements and extreme conditions. With the 8-core processor, high-level language and open-source software such as Docker or even Matlab Simulink can run simultaneously with the control program without jeopardizing the real-time capability. Safety of machinery is ensured through diversified processors and support for up to 300 PROFIsafe devices.

New Generation of PROFIsafe/PROFINET Encoder

TWK has updated its PROFINET/PROFIsafe TRT/S3 absolute rotary encoder. A 14 mm shorter housing length is more compact than the previous version. The encoder, which is available as a multi-turn or single-turn device, is SIL2 and PLd certified according to the IEC 61508, IEC 62061 and ISO 13849 standards, with improved safety characteristics.